EasyTrak IMSI, Inc.

Basic System $5000.00

The basic package includes the Clarion ODBC drivers, VB client site interface, Portal PHP program (Client to web server software), web side database configuration and two web pages.  The web pages will incorporate your existing web site's look and feel.   These pages will prompt your customer for Air Bill and Shipper information and then display the Air Bill information including air bill or order status information.

Custom Application Development

IMSI will always carefully design your application to fit your needs exactly.  We will provide a written estimate for all job.  Included with this is a design document, cost estimate and project schedule.  Please call to explore your needs.

Web Site Development / Web Site Hosting

You don't have a web site? IMSI, Inc. can provide a beautiful, state of the art web site for you.  The basic package can easily be integrated into your new web site.  Click here to view our web site pricing.  IMSI, Inc. will give you a 10% discount on web site development if it includes any EasyTrak.net packages!


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