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What is EasyTrak?


EasyTrak is a complete system designed to move your client side information to a web server in real-time.  Our current markets include freight forwarders and trucking companies.  EasyTrak can assist any company that wants client side information available on the web.

EasyTrak will work with any Dos based or Client/Server application.  EasyTrak can be tailored to your specifications therefore you control the information available to your customers on your web site.  Easytrak can reduce customer phone calls by 30% allowing your personnel to concentrate on the work that produces your company's revenue.

Freight Forwarder Companies

This package is pre-configured to work with Oasis.  Oasis is Clarion based system designed to completely automate a freight forwarder company.  EasyTrak is designed to plug into any Oasis/Clarion system.  EasyTrak uses an ODBC connection to the Oasis/Clarion system, extracting Air Bill information and posting into any ODBC compliant database on a web server.  Your customer's can access and view the current status of any order, in real-time.  If the customer can access the web then they can access your information from any where in the world.

Trucking Companies

This package has an open front ended configuration.  Therefore we can connect to any Client side ODBC or Dos based system.  Like the OC EasyTrak version, order and order status information is available to your customer on the web in real-time.  This system is pre-configured for CES Import, CFS Import and CFS Import modules.  EasyTrak is customized to track the information you need your customers to see.

EasyTrak and your company

With this package we can easily customize EasyTrak to work with any application where your client side information needs to be available, in real-time, to a the world wide web.  Imsi, Inc. can easily design a system that will fit your companies needs, all for an affordable price!

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