Software Tools


PCIRL - This tool simulates legacy Intermec handheld bar code readers. (9440 and 9445 etc.) This software is used to develop and test IRL programs without assembling a complete bar code network.  PCIRL has extensive debugging tools that are ideal for quick problem resolution.  PCIRL is written especially for IRL language but also can be used for other tasks that are sometimes required with Intermec readers.

IRL - Interactive Reader Language.  This high-level programming language is used to create programs that control Intermec bar code readers.  With IRL, you can program readers to collect data efficiently, perform complex data manipulations, and present friendly interfaces for users.

Antares TRAKKER - Application Development Tools - Intermec's newest group of products includes the Antares TRAKKER.  The Antares uses 2.4 ghz radio frequency (wireless) technology.   We use the Programmers Software Kit (PSK) to assist in development of applications for this platform..  The PSK is a set of functions that are used in conjunction with Microsoft C.


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